Spain: MSF Spain is looking for a Medical Stock Management Referent

Organization: Médecins Sans Frontières
Country: Spain
Closing date: 30 Dec 2016

Medical Stock Management Referent

(Based in Barcelona)


Médecins Sans Frontières is an international independent medical-humanitarian organization, which offers assistance to populations in distress, to victims of natural or man-made disasters and to victims of armed conflict, without discrimination and irrespective of race, religion, creed or political affiliation.

The MSF movement is built around five operational directorates supported by MSF’s 21 sections, 24 associations and other offices together worldwide. MSF OCBA is one of those directorates. The operations are implemented by field teams and the mission coordination teams; together with the organizational units based in Barcelona, Athens and decentralised in Nairobi, Dakar and Amman. The field operations are guided and supported by 4 Operational Cells, the Emergency Unit and other departments supporting operations, including the Logistics Department.


The Referent on Medical Stock Management is based at MSF-Spain HQ in Barcelona, Spain. The position is accountable to the Head of the Supply Chain Unit, part of the Logistics and Supply Chain Department of MSF OCBA. The Medical Stock Management Referent is part of the Supply Chain Unit, which provides direct support to missions, and collaborates with Supply Referents regarding medical demand management.

The main objective of the position is to ensure managerial procedures and follow-up tasks of medical stock management in MSF OCBA missions. Missions will be divided between referents based on available capacity and demand.



1/ Field support

  • Feedback to regular (currently mostly monthly) pharmacy reports from the projects and technical support in coordination with Pharmacy Management Responsible (mission level). Addressing of overall progress and issues towards the Medical Coordinator (mission level), and the Medical Advisor (operational cell level).
  • Close support and follow-up of the work of staff in charge of the pharmacy management
  • Technical support in terms of selection of medical products used in the mission. For this purpose, contact/interface with medical referents and the Pharmaceutical Quality Management & ICT referent in medical department
  • Technical support on use of Isystock, including follow-up of implementation of database updates in the projects (both in terms of updated product databases as in updated Isystock versions)
  • Support in terms of consumption follow-up (sentinel system), and analysis. Selection of projects in portfolio of missions

· Supervision and revision of inventories

  • Field visits, including evaluations/audits of medical stocks management


2/ Optimization of the medical supply chain

  • Measurement and follow-up of performance indicators related to pharmacy management, including formulation of improvement priorities
  • In collaboration with colleagues in the Supply Chain Unit (other medical stock management referents, supply referents, supply chain improvement leader, head of supply chain unit), participation in efforts and projects to optimize the MSF OCBA supply chain
  • In collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Quality Management & ICT referent, revision and optimization of quality related aspects of pharmacy management
  • In collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Quality Management & ICT referent, revision and optimization of quality of use of Isystock, as well as roll-out of new versions of Isystock and/or OCBA standard product list

3/ Training (latter three points in collaboration between medical stock referents)

  • Training of the staff in charge of managing medical stocks/pharmacies (international and/or national personnel), on Isystock tool use and pharmacy management.
  • (De)briefing to MedCos of the above mentioned missions about his/her responsibility in pharmacy management (Isystock coordination, reports, analysis, statistics)
  • De(briefing) to persons in charge of pharmacy management and Isystock use, on their tasks and responsibilities.
  • Provide training –facilitation at the PPD courses module pharmacy management (4 times per year).
  • Provide training – facilitation at the MMC courses module pharmacy management (1 time per year)
  • HR: Development of trainings regarding pharmacy management for MSF OCBA, and collaboration/participation in the development of international pharmacy management trainings

4/ Performance management, field HR follow-up & intersectional forums (collaboration between medical stock referents)

  • Performance: Development and update of performance indicators related to pharmacy management
  • Performance: coordination with Supply Chain Improvement Leader and Head of Supply Chain unit regarding supply chain improvement priorities
  • Performance: roll-out of supply chain/medical stock management related improvement priorities in collaboration with other medical stock management referent(s)
  • Performance: mid-term and annual reporting
  • HR: Follow-up of pharmacy management positions (field & co-ordination level) in collaboration with nurses, pharmacists and Medco pool managers (in collaboration with HR dept)
  • HR: Revision of pharmacy related job profiles (in collaboration with HR dept)
  • Intersectional: collaboration/participation in intersectional forums for medical stock management
  • Intersectional: collaboration/participation in intersectional efforts regarding further developments of Isystock and/or training manuals

5/ Meetings

  • Periodic meetings with other referents on Medical Stock Mgt regarding medical stock management and follow-up
  • Periodic meetings with other referents on Medical Stock Mgt and Supply referents regarding medical demand management
  • Periodic meetings of medical meetings, in order to maintain a good interface between the Supply Chain unit and the Medical Department of MSF OCBA.
  • Periodic meetings with HQ pharmacist regarding medical local purchase and product specific issues
  • Periodic meetings with head of supply chain unit and supply chain improvement leader regarding improvement priorities for MSF OCBA supply chain
  • Periodic meetings with Pharmaceutical Quality Management & ICT referent regarding priority setting for quality management in the pharmacies
  • Weekly meetings of Supply Chain unit
  • Based on demand: participation in meetings at the level of operations cells and missions


Education and experience

· Degree as pharmacist or similar

· Minimum 3 years’ working experience related to pharmacy management

· Experience / affinity with medical stock management / supply chains / related tools

· Knowledge of GDP / pharmaceutical quality management

· Field experience with MSF or other NGO

· Fluent written and spoken English and possibly French


· Commitment to MSF’s Principles

· Cross-cultural Awareness and Flexibility

· Analytical Thinking

· Results and Quality Orientation

· Service Orientation

· Planning and Organising

· Initiative and Innovation

· Capacity to Negotiate

· Teamwork and Cooperation


· Position based in MSF OCBA Barcelona headquarters with occasional visits to the filed (20 % of his/her working time)

· Full time work

· Minimum commitment with the position of 3 years

· Annual gross salary: € 35,608.10 (divided into 12 monthly payments) + secondary benefits based on MSF OCBA Reward Policy.

· Starting date: January 2017

How to apply:

To apply, all applicants should please send their CV and cover motivation letter under the reference Medical Stock Management Referent**” to**

Please submit your CV and cover letter in ONE file and name the file with your LAST NAME.

Closing date: December 30th, 2016

Replies will only be sent to short-listed candidates.

Médecins Sans Frontieres, as a responsible employer, under article 38 of “Ley de Integración Social del Minusválido de 1982 (LISMI)” invite those persons with a recognized disability and with an interest in the humanitarian area to apply for the above mentioned position.

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