Nicaragua: Environmental Compliance Officer, PMI AIRS Project, Nicaragua

Organization: Abt Associates
Country: Nicaragua
Closing date: 31 Jul 2017


Abt Associates seeks a qualified Project Assistant 9 / Environmental Compliance Officer, PMI AIRS Project, Nicaragua to support the International Health Division in Nicaragua.

The USAID-funded President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) Africa Indoor Residual Spraying (AIRS) Project supports USAID Missions and Bureaus to plan, implement, and monitor and evaluate vector control activities to prevent mosquito-borne diseases (including malaria and Zika) in African, Latin American, and Caribbean countries where USAID supports vector control efforts. The overall goal of the project is to reduce the burden of vector-borne diseases by enhancing USAID’s ability to implement mosquito control programs on the ground by providing technical expertise, building local governments’ capacity, creating innovative implementation models, conducting cost-effective commodity procurement and logistics systems, and engaging local communities in affected countries.

Under the supervision of the Chief of Party, the Technical Specialist 9 / Environmental Compliance Officer is responsible for overseeing program compliance with United States Government (USG) and Government of Nicaragua environmental regulations, and program adherence to requirements as laid out in USAID Initial and Supplemental Environmental Assessments and Pesticide Evaluation Report and Safer Use Action Plan (PERSUAP) and its amendments.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

  • Tracking the status of pesticide and geographic intervention area decisions with PMI and NMCP, and determining the 22 CFR 216 documentation needs for the upcoming campaign.
  • Timely preparation of a country-specific Supplemental Environmental Assessment, amendment, or Letter Report, as appropriate.
  • Development of waste management plans prior to the initiation of intervention activities, describing the disposition plan for each waste stream generated during the intervention.
  • Determining the registration status of proposed pesticides in the country of use prior to shipment, and ensuring that registration needs are satisfied before the arrival of pesticide.
  • Ensuring that quality assurance testing on pesticide samples is performed and demonstrates that the pesticide meets specifications prior to shipment.
  • Performance of Pre-Season Environmental Compliance Assessments for each operational site (soak pit, storeroom, and/or other required facilities) two months prior to intervention activities.
  • Performing vehicle inspections prior to AIRS signing lease agreements to be sure that all proposed vehicles for pesticide or operator transport meet Best Management Practice requirements.
  • Tracking and supervision of work required on operational sites prior to commencement of interventions. If necessary, confirming soak pit construction according to BMPs.
  • Providing or overseeing the annual environmental compliance training of intervention teams and storekeepers, as well as Abt staff as necessary.
  • Performing a Pre-Season Environmental Compliance Green Light Inspection for each operational site 1-2 weeks prior to spray.
  • Continual supervision of interventions, and completion of Best Management Practices checklists throughout the intervention.
  • Oversight of the closure of seasonal operational sites at the end of the intervention, and documenting proper storage of equipment and leftover pesticides.
  • Oversight of waste management activities (incineration of sachets and masks, recycling of other wastes where possible, thorough washing of disposable items) to be sure that wastes are managed responsibly.
  • Preparation of the EC portion of the annual report, including a description of the important points noted throughout the campaign, and a consolidation of the information gathered from supervisory inspections.
  • Identifying needs for next year’s intervention campaign.
  • Analyzing data from inspections to correct any deficiencies, and update/optimize preparations for the next scheduled intervention.
  • Developing a database or system of spreadsheets to consolidate all necessary and useful information pertaining to environmental compliance in the country, and US requirements under US 22 CFR 216.
  • Lead and coordinate environmental compliance efforts for all program intervention activities, inlcuding the implementation and oversight of procedures for:
    • Quality and safety of insecticide procurements;
    • Procedures for distribution, storage, and handling of insecticides; and
    • Procedures for disposal of insecticide, waste products, and package material in accordance with national and international standards.
  • Training and technical assistance to IRS implementation teams and counterparts.
  • Liaison with project counterparts from the Ministry of Health, and other regulatory and governmental authorities.
  • Position requires frequent travel to field sites to monitor IRS operations and implementation.

Preferred Skills / Prerequisites

  • Masters Degree in Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Health, or other relevant field.
  • At least six (6) years of relevant professional work experience, including significant experience in environmental health and insecticide use and management.
  • Ability to prepare and deliver effective environmental health and safety training
  • Ability to effectively interact with project personnel and provide one-on-one coaching as needed.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with a minimum of direction and supervision.
  • Demonstrated ability to work both as a member of a team and as a team leader, with the ability to accept the inputs of other team members.
  • Strong management and planning skills of project tasks and budgets.
  • Demonstrates leadership and team work and produces high quality work in a timely, cost effective manner and has excellent writing skills.
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal communication and computer skills.
  • Experience with USAID and donor projects is highly desirable.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English are highly desirable

Minimum Qualifications

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