Ecuador: Senior Volunteer: Communications Expert and Visual Artist, Ecuador (Capacity building) – VOL4AID_ECU_COMcb_SR

Organization: ActionAid
Country: Ecuador
Closing date: 15 Jun 2017

ActionAid Hellas, as a certified sending organization within the EU Aid Volunteers framework, will deploy to ECUASOL 2 volunteers for capacity building in communication issues. Please, check the available EU Aid Volunteers vacancy of ActionAid Hellas through our website here:

EU Aid Volunteers Initiative gives the opportunity to a significant number of volunteers around Europe to offer their support in a humanitarian aid context. The main idea of the program is to strengthen the capacities of the local communities of the developing world, so as to increase their capacity of resilience and response. For more information about the Initiative, please follow the link:

In the terms of EU Aid Volunteers Initiative, these two senior volunteers in communication issues will be deployed from ActionAid Hellas to Ecuasol Ecuador from 01/02/2018 to 30/04/2018. The full description of the position is available in the following link:



Under the supervision of the Deputy Director of the Ecuasol Foundation, and in coordination with other volunteers around the country, the volunteer will be deployed for 3 months to capture the spirit, through images (art, video, photo, book, etc…) of volunteers and local communities’ work on an awareness-raising program about seismic risks, based in Quito but traveling within Ecuador regions, where long-term volunteers are based.

Visual materials production

In cooperation with the Ecuadorian government and local authorities/municipalities, along with the IRD (Institut de Recherche et de Développement) based in Quito and its partners, as well as the local office of ECHO, the volunteer will bring his/her creativity in order to produce different visual materials and artistic works to illustrate and immortalize the project led by Ecuadorian communities and European volunteers.

Artistic work production

At a minimum, one valuable artistic work is produced (video reportage or design, illustrated book, portraits or other photo works, comics, etc). All ideas are welcome. The results of the volunteer’s work will be used to promote the EU Aid Volunteers initiative as a European Commission program, as well as the Ecuasol awareness-raising program about seismic and volcanic risks. The volunteer’s work is for a humanitarian purpose, and will therefore be produced to serve the purpose and cause of the project and of Ecuasol.

Communication and Awareness on EU Aid Volunteers Initiative

a. Draft and publish articles describing volunteer's experience in the field.
b. Gather audio-visual materials to be used in a public awareness activity conducted by the volunteers' community in Europe.
c. Organize and execute a public awareness activity once back in Europe, in coordination with the partner NGOs of the project.


No apprenticeship period is foreseen

Required Competences


  • Diplomas, seminars, trainings on: Filming, Photography, Graphic Design or any other relevant studies


  • Previous experience in volunteering desired in a foreign country
  • Art, video, photo, or any relevant projects in order to fulfill the mission


  • Good interpersonal, social and team working skills
  • Strong sense of initiative and autonomy, ability to work independently
  • Good communications and pedagogical skills, outgoing nature, sense of diplomacy
  • Good ability to adapt to an environment with a high natural disaster risk
  • Humility, interest in local communities, empathy


  • English

  • Very good level of Spanish (B2)

How to apply:

Please, follow this link in order to find the vacancy announcement:

Before clicking and filling in the on-line application form, please download the CV Europass and the self-assessment questionnaire, which can be found right above the "Apply now" link. You will then have to complete those documents and upload them to your application, together with a motivation letter. Please do not forget to complete all the fields of the application form and click on the "submit" button.

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