Dominican Republic: Health Programs Director

Organization: 7elements
Country: Dominican Republic
Closing date: 05 Dec 2016

Title: Health Programs Director

Employee Status: Full time, sponsored by 7e

Term of Service: Min. 24 months required

Location: Las Canas, Espaillat, Dominican Republic

Start Date/End Date: December 2016-December 2018

Compensation: $2,000-2,200 USD per month (based on experience, background, professional skills set) Please Note: This position is paid as a local staff member residing in Dominican Republic

Other benefits: One round trip plane ticket to Dominican Republic (if applicable, visa to work in Dominican Republic). Living expenses (food and lodging). Medical insurance for the duration of your contract. International work experience alongside like-minded individuals.

Requirements: Bachelor degree. Preference given to those with experience in the global health field or with a strong interest in a career in health. Fluency in English and Spanish required. Must be willing and able to live, work, and travel independently in Latin America. Former Peace Corps Volunteer experience an advantage. Experience working with groups preferred.


7 elements (7E) is an educational organization that harnesses volunteer efforts to improve the environmental, economic, food, health, individual, community, and political security of selected Haitian and Dominican communities. Dr. David Addison, Founder & Executive Director of 7E, has refined effective interventions rooted in his PhD thesis of sustainability. He created 7E to represent the seven elements of human security and provide holistic development projects that would improve the quality of life for the people living in abject poverty in the north central region of the DR. This multidisciplinary approach is the framework that will be utilized when addressing challenges in the region.

Job Description

The Health Programs Director will oversee all of 7E's health programming in surrounding communities, organizing and leading service-learning groups and managing initiatives with local partner organizations. The position's primary responsibilities are three-fold: 1) serve as the organizations' on the ground liaison and representative, working to maintain the relationship between 7e and the health partners 2) serve as lead coordinator of 7E's annual medical and volunteer service teams management of the patient referral program and community health agents (CHA) program.

Short term teams travel to the northern shore of Dominican Republic for 8- 14 days to participate in various related service-learning projects in local partnering communities in and around Las Canas, Espaillat, Dominican Republic. These teams, which are formed throughout the year and average about 14-16 teams, form the backbone of 7E's health support for both the communities and partner organizations with whom we work. They also constitute the core partnership between 7E and other organizations, as we alternate the trips to the same communities to provide sustainable care over time and address the underlying causes of insecurities in the area. In addition, service trips also focus on development topics such as forced migration, environmental degradation, food security, and globalization. The Health Programs Director will play a leading role in communication with teams, and will help develop the overall support provided to our on-the-ground partners and health programs that complement the team volunteer efforts year-round. Note: Short term teams can travel to a variety of locations in the Dominican Republic.

This position will also work closely with 7E's leadership in advancing the organizations' health programming, in the areas that include evaluation and monitoring of current projects, social work and community organization, public health outreach, and support of local healthcare partner organizations. The Health Programs Director position requires multi-disciplinary work and is ideal for individuals looking to gain field experience in international development, public health, and work related to health disparities in developing countries.

This position requires both interest and ability to work in medical/health related environments to aid in the constant betterment of 7E's programs and to serve as an inspiring and educated leader. Spanish language speaking skills are required to succeed in this position.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Main Responsibilities

  • Serve as the on the ground liaison and representative of 7E to local healthcare partner organizations and communities
  • Reports directly to the Executive Director
  • Serve as the lead coordinator for short-term service-learning groups
  • Develop the infrastructure required to support local partners and program initiatives of 7E
  • Strengthen and maintain partnerships with Haitian and Dominican communities around Cabarete, to improve and sustain their medical/health-related care
  • Apply monitoring and evaluation of Community Health Agents (CHA) and referral programs, social work and community organization, and public health outreach.

Health and Service-learning groups

  • Coordinate group logistic requirements involving the design of team budgets and itineraries
  • Support 7E logistics including Ministry of Health (MOH) and customs authorization, lodging, airport transfers, and cultural activities
  • Ensure teams follow proper medical protocols including MOH
  • Manage volunteer communication; announcements, medical protocols, surveys, and trip reports
  • Meet with community members and Dominican partner organizations to organize clinical programming involving patients, public health interventions, and CHA responsibilities
  • Lead diverse medical service team comprised of physicians (of numerous specialties), nurse practitioners, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, etc. and student volunteers in orientation, rural clinic processes, and reflection
  • Track medicine indicators to ensure required medicines are utilized properly
  • Manage support staff of medical service teams
  • Facilitate public health educational activities during medical clinics
  • Administer, electronic medical record system, TimmyCare
  • Lead planning and implementation of public health or other specialized medical teams (e.g. physical therapy teams)
  • Evaluate teams and introduce improvements as needed
  • Maintain a professional, and culturally appropriate communication between local partners and 7e
  • Support the management of warehouse of medicines and medical supplies, including inventory

Health and Community Programs

  • Support patient referral program by maintaining and recording network of healthcare providers in Dominican Republic and working with various entities including local medical provider for the management of referred critical patient cases
  • Record and present M&E indicators of referral program including the tracking of patient's arrival at local healthcare provider, and diagnoses and treatments successfully received
  • Continuously work to expand and improve the referral program identifying and developing appropriate procedures for new medical services available in the area
  • Ensure that patient referral system is in line with budget constraints, and make sure that referral payment and coverage policies are properly implemented so that we stay within budget and focus on the most important patients

Minimum Job Requirements/Skills/Abilities

  • Minimum 24 month commitment
  • Experience with global health development strongly preferred
  • Fluency in English and Spanish
  • CPR/First Aid Certification
  • Travel experience (Latin America preferred); experience living abroad (Latin America / Africa/ Asia preferred)
  • Flexible personality; ability and interest in assuming very diverse tasks
  • Strong work ethic and dedication to the position
  • Competency regarding topics in international development, development economics, poverty alleviation, international aid, NGO work, and public health
  • Experience coordinating volunteers and working with students preferred
  • Confidence to travel and work independently throughout Dominican Republic
  • Charisma and comfort leading and working with large groups of people, including US medical professionals and US students
  • Excellent writing skills; Strong leadership skills; Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to work very independently, but also cooperate effectively with teams
  • 9 to 5ers need not apply!

How to apply:

To Apply

Please submit a current resume with a cover letter by email to Candidates will be considered on a rolling basis. ONLY finalists will be contacted for an in person or telephone interview. Preferred start date: Immediately

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